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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gave his second State of the City address Tuesday night at Symphony Hall. Afterward, the Scrum caught up with a bevy of political observers to get their take on what the mayor had to say--and what he decided to omit or gloss over. 

The move by the Tufts Medical School faculty -- full-time, tenured doctors and researchers, not part-time adjuncts -- to unionize and affiliate with the S.E.I.U. could open a new chapter in the history of organized labor. And it's happening in our own backyard.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about whether the Ferguson protests will transform into a sustainable social movement.

In our Lightning Rounds, Peter Kadzis backhandedly praises and outrightly rips Mitt Romney's Wall Street Journal op-ed ripping President Obama, and David Bernstein talks liquor license law changes in Boston.
Juliette Kayyem (spotty voting record) and Jeff McCormick (primary residence issues) have hit some bumps in the road to the corner office at the State House. 
Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein put on their crisis management hats to assess the damage to the campaigns.

Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein talk about the week in the Boston mayoral race.

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