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Sing And Shut Up: St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Redux

Behold South Boston's annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast-- the most Boston of Boston political traditions, where "the self-important celebrate the self-obsessed".

Charlie Baker's Brain: A User's Guide

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker touted his management skills on the campaign trail. So, what, exactly, does it mean to manage the way Charlie Baker manages?

The Politics of Snowstorms

The Scrum podcast takes a closer look at Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's governing during one of the biggest snow weeks in Massachusetts history. Plus, how long will "Dear Leader" (aka House Speaker Robert DeLeo) stay on as Speaker?

Mrs. & Mr. 'New Boston ': Linda Dorcena Forry and Bill Forry

Each week on The Scrum we talk about media and politics, and this week we're talking with a couple who have their feet in both worlds

This Is The Scrum Remix

An edition of the Scrum podcast we're calling "Scrum-Pa-Pum-Pum". Happy holidays!

The Scrum presents the top 5 ranking for the 2014 Scrum's Prediction Challenge.

The Scrum Podcast: Campaign Ad Nauseum

If you turn on the TV between now and November 4th, be prepared to see lots of political ads. This week, The Scrum podcast bring you the good, the bad, and the unfair in the world of Massachusetts and Boston campaign ads.

The "I Get No Respect" Scrum Podcast

Do we write off some politicians because they're not viable? Or are they not viable because we write them off? The Scrum took a closer look at the struggle that some candidates face trying to get media coverage and the public to see them as contenders.

The Scrum's Adam Reilly and David Bernstein speak with former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift about a possible Romney run for president in 2016; why women seem to love (or at least like) Charlie Baker; whether the national GOP has drifted too far to the right; inoculating against the three H's (hair, hemlines, and husbands); and the legacy of the late Governor Paul Cellucci.

Exciting Opportunity For Scrum Listeners!

The first five people to email us (scrum@wgbh.org) will have a chance to sit in the studio audience for the Oct. 21 debate between Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley.

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