May 20, 2016

A Verizon store. Credit: Mike Mozart / Flickr Creative Commons

The ongoing strike by Verizon workers is a big enough deal that the Obama Administration has stepped in to try to broker a compromise. Yet most of us--e.g., Scrum host Adam Reilly--have precious little understanding of the specific disagreements that caused contract negotiations between the company and its employees to completely break down a few weeks ago. Maybe we've been distracted by Verizon's big new partnership with the City of Boston and Mayor Marty Walsh, which was announced (conveniently?) the day before the strike began. 

But fear not. In the latest episode, two Verizon employees with deep knowledge of the strike offer their perspective on what's at stake--and WGBHNews.org senior editor Peter Kadzis offers his big-picture take on how the strike dovetails with the current political and cultural milieu. (You'll also hear a bit from Verizon management, even though they declined our offer to join the conversation in the WGBH studios.) Take a listen and tell us what you think--in the comments, at either @kadzis or @reillyadam, or at scrum@wgbhnews.org.

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