December 15, 2016



This week, we’re tackling a bit of drama that’s been brewing on Beacon Hill. Recently, after Governor Charlie Baker announced $98 million dollars’ worth of unilateral budget cuts, he got some sharp pushback from, among others, House Speaker Bob DeLeo—whose relationship with the governor has been remarkably collegial over the past couple years. Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly met up at WGBH News’s new Boston Public Library studio with Shira Schoenberg, who covers the State house for the Springfield Republican and Mass Live.com, and Charlie Chieppo, a former denizen of the State House under ex-Governor Mitt Romney and now the head of Chieppo Strategies LLC. They talked about whether the budget cuts and the response they generated might herald the arrival of a new, less harmonious era on Beacon Hill—especially heading into the presidency of Donald Trump.  

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