November 17, 2016


This week, we’ve got something a bit different for you. Two days after Donald Trump surprised most of us by winning the presidency, Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly were part of an event at Cambridge’s Brattle Theater that was organized by The Editorial, a website specializing in long-form interviews. The event was titled, simply, “What now?”—and featured several different perspectives on the election and the coming Trump presidency. You’ll hear from Robert Pinsky, the former national poet laureate, who started things off by reading a poem he found appropriate. Then you’ll hear from Heidi Legg, editor of The Editorial Also weighing in: John Feinman, the founder of a Boston organization that does weight training with former gang members; Jill Forny, a Cambridge psychotherapist; and Kelsey Wirth; a climate activist and co-founder of the group Mothers Out Front. Take a listen.


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