August 04, 2015

Mike Deehan recreates the stately Olympic rings, Scrum-style.

Boston's bid for Olympic glory is officially dead (R.I.P.) So WGBH State House News reporter Mike Deehan gathered a mountain of nachos and a crack panel to ask: where did it all go wrong? Kelley Gossett of No Boston Olympics, Shirley Leung of the Boston Globe, and the Dorchester Reporter's Lauren Dezenski (now of Politico!) break it down, with our own Adam Reilly presiding.

Want to weigh in for yourself, or see photographic evidence of the truly impressive quantity of nachos that was consumed? Check out the hashtag #nachoscrum on Twitter.

P.S.: The recording of this live event has been edited and condensed for clarity. If you would like a copy of the audio for the full, unadulterated #NachoScrum, email us at scrum[at]WGBH.org.

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