March 03, 2015

Charlie Baker's management skills have long been his calling card.

Our two cents is that Baker's management skills were a big reason that he beat Martha Coakley in the gubernatorial race last November. And even though it's a perceived strength of the Governor's, a lot of people won't get the chance to see those skills in action. So, what specifically does it mean to manage the way Charlie Baker does?

We went to State House last week to ask him. And we had a lot of material to work with-- he's been put to the test quite a bit in his first two months in office with the budget gap, the brutal winter weather, the MBTA's massive breakdown.

Take a listen above and let us know what you think. How do you think Governor Baker doing? Has anything struck you about his management style in his first few weeks in office?

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Music in this episode: "Mr. Big Stuff"- Jean Knight; "Strange Bath"- I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack; "On the Plume"- Ensemble; "Soul Dressing"- Booker T. Jones

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