December 01, 2015

Warren/Clinton photo: AP. Photo illustration by Brendan Lynch

For many journalists, reporting on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, scourge of the plutocracy and patron saint of progressives, is not unlike reporting on Ebola.

It does not matter if any substantive news is at issue, the mere mention of Warren’s name commands attention — from friend and foe alike.

So it has long been with Hillary Clinton.

Put Clinton and Warren together in the news and, as noted physicist Sheldon Cooper would say, “Bazinga!”

It was Bazingas all around this week when 13 senators who happen to be women and Democrats endorsed Clinton. The show of solidarity was impressive. For many, however, that was not the news. The news was that Warren wasn’t one of the gang.

Of course she wasn’t. Warren — like the late Ted Kennedy, or Hillary Clinton herself — is political royalty. And royalty doesn’t like crowds.

Then there’s the fact that a huge chunk of Sen. Larry David’s supporters at one time pined for Warren. It would be foolish for Warren to alienate their affections.

Finally, as a senator, Clinton more or less double-crossed Warren. After promising to support Warren’s efforts to protect unwashed Americans from Wall Street, Clinton voted with the oligarchs.

Bottom line: no big deal that Warren didn’t endorse Clinton. She will. Unless…

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton

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