September 03, 2014

The Scrum gazed into the crystal ball this week with blogger Rob Eno, publisher of Red Mass Group. Alongside the Scrum podcast's Adam Reilly and David Bernstein, Eno offered his picks for next week's primary elections, plus his take on Scott Brown's tour de force in New Hampshire and Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's Deval Patrick problem. 

Now's your chance to outguess The Scrum. Send in your primary predictions here.

The stakes: 1. Bragging rights. 2. A chance to brag about your prediction on The Scrum podcast. 3. A chance to brag about your prediction on The Scrum podcast in your first edition, one-of-a-kind Scrum t-shirt. 4. This #mapoli greeting card* (below) from a candy shop in Rockport.

*There were no greeting cards with Republican #mapoli politicians available at the time of purchase.

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