December 05, 2013

ADAM REILLY: Peter, I wanted to kick around a question you and I were debating in the office earlier today — namely, whether Elizabeth Warren’s headline-generating pledge to serve the remainder of her Senate term was sincere or not. As you know, I’m skeptical.

I don’t have a verbatim transcript of Warren’s appearance with Boston mayor-elect Marty Walsh yesterday, but my strong recollection is that she said on a couple occasions that she had a “plan” to serve out her term — and finally took a “pledge” to appease Noah Bierman of the Globe, after he noted that “plan” and “pledge” have different connotations. I also recall Warren sounding somewhat exasperated as she gave Bierman what he wanted. To me, that’s not much of a pledge at all. What am I missing?

PETER KADZIS: I don’t think you’re missing a thing. It’s a matter of interpretation. I believe her and you don’t.

Perhaps it would be more accurate for me to characterize you as being skeptical vis-a-vis Liz Warren. We were both there. She’s an adult. Her intention seemed clear to me.

This entire Warren-for-the-White-House thing is the result of a pretty good New Republic piece speculating that Warren’s populist stance and anti-Wall Street orientation will put pressure on centrist Hillary Clinton to move to the left.

I’m oversimplifying. But what we have is the working press chasing the pundits tails. It's silly season. Like most hacks, I find Warren’s aloofness from the press sometimes annoying, but as a citizen I like her a lot. If you sense her bridling, it’s probably because she doesn’t want the satisfaction of letting us ink-stained wretches put words in her mouth.

REILLY: Well, I can’t blame her for that. And at this point, I’m not sure what more Warren can say about her presidential ambitions, or lack thereof. She’s not running for president; she plans/pledges to serve out her term — that covers it, right? Now we can all go back to pressuring Marty Walsh into getting married.

Promise me this, though: When Warren 2016 becomes a thing, credit me with calling the tepidity of her pledge early on. Deal?

KADZIS: Adam, it’s a deal. I suppose the craziness here is that we’re spending time worrying about an election that's still three years away. Next year, on the other hand, the Republicans could win back control of the U.S. Senate. Now that is a real story.

REILLY: And one in which our old friend Scott Brown could play a starring role! Then, of course, we could start speculating about a Brown/Warren presidential fight in 2016. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

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