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Last weekend's tragic violence sparked by white supremacists on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville highlights how unprepared colleges are to handle the threat of political violence.

On Wednesday, WGBH News aired a story about professors who are reluctant to retire for social and psychological reasons. 

A new survey shows 2/3 of college professors now plan to work past the age of 67, but what are the consequences. From WGBH On Campus.

Posted by PRI Public Radio International on Thursday, 20 August 2015

Since the Great Recession, postponing retirement is becoming more common in some professions, including higher education. A new survey shows two thirds of college professors now plan to work past the age of 67. That trend comes with serious consequences.

Comedy rules our cultural landscape: President Obama appeared on "Between Two Ferns," stand-ups like Amy Schumer have built mainstream careers with lightning speed, the public collectively mourned the end of “Parks and Rec.” Comedy is fun and relevant. But now, it’s also academic.

On Emerson College's first day of classes, the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets swarm with students; students drinking coffee, students smoking cigarettes, students wearing skinny jeans and plaid. In short, a small corner of Boston chock-full of hipsters.

And while "hipster" may not seem like an apt description of Boston's population as a whole, it does describe the students at Emerson College, at least according to College Magazine, an online and in-print publication written by college students.

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