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Boston College

Even though it's been weeks since a major snowstorm, New England’s college campuses still lay buried under a deep layer of snow and it doesn't look like it will disappear before Opening Day at Fenway. The weather, though, hasn’t deterred prospective students from taking campus tours in Boston.

The news from campuses around the nation is clear: as a concentration for study, the humanities have seen better days. That's what makes a two-year-old project at Boston College so interesting. At the Heights, it's the English Department that's pioneering technological change.

Boston is bracing for the annual influx of college students returning for the fall semester. But when the moving vans roll into town, many of them will pull up outside apartment buildings rather than dorms. Mayor Marty Walsh says he'd like to see Boston’s entire student population living on-campus, and while that could be a reality for one area college, others have a long way to go.

Boston College is being sued by a former Irish Republican Army soldier who contributed to the university's oral history project about civil unrest in Northern Ireland, raising questions about international contract law.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams remains in an Irish prison, being questioned about the murder of a Belfast woman in 1972. 

It’s widely believed that information from a Boston College oral history project that was supposed to be kept confidential helped lead to Adams's arrest. Now, some are questioning how this case will impact academic freedom and inquiry on campus.

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