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October 17, 2017

NCAA president Mark Emmert is speaking out and defending his agency, weeks after the FBI arrested ten people for accepting bribes to funnel college basketball players to agents, shoe companies and financial advisers.

Despite widespread skepticism, Emmert says the NCAA still has the teeth to hold college sports programs accountable and to restore public trust.

“The assertion that it’s all so corrupt is just wrong,” Emmert said, addressing students and faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Monday night. “We don’t need to see anything more than we’ve already seen to know that we got to make systemic change, but I don’t think that that represents in any way the vast majority of coaches in the NCAA.”

Emmert says the NCAA is forming a commission to make substantive changes to college basketball in this country. Next month, that commission, chaired by former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, will begin looking at how student-athletes and their families can get advice without being taken advantage of or defrauded.

On Monday, the board of the University of Louisville Association fired men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino after the university confirmed it is included in the FBI’s investigation.

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