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May 19, 2016

A new report by the Pioneer Institute, a Boston-based, right-leaning think-tank, finds that for the first time, the University of Massachusetts Amherst has accepted more out-of-state than in-state students, and is now too expensive for many high school grads in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a former Pioneer Institute staffer, says the study raises some serious concerns.

"The incoming class for next year at UMass has more out-of-state students in it than in-state students. That's a reasonable thing to ask about,” Baker said.

Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville agrees with the report's basic findings, but questions its authors' motivations.

"Pioneer Institute is funded at least in part by the Koch Brothers. They fund a far-right network of think-tanks and advocacy groups who are deep believers in market solutions for virtually every problem that we have apparently including higher education,” Reville said.

UMass system President Marty Meehan didn't respond to requests for comment but said in a statement that the Institute has an agenda and is trying to protect private universities.

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