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December 08, 2016

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Harvard University says it has achieved a major goal: reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent over the past ten years.

Many climate activists have called on Harvard and other universities to divest from fossil fuel companies, but only a handful have actually agreed.

Instead, Harvard countered with a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of its campus, making buildings more energy efficient, purchasing local renewable energy, and shifting to natural gas. The university also pledged to fund research into climate change.

It's a commitment that Harvard Business School Professor Rebecca Henderson said the school has worked hard to fulfill.

“We could always do more, but we're doing a ton," Henderson said. "There are hundreds of people doing research on what causes climate change, how it can be avoided, how we can build more efficiently."

In a statement to the campus community, Harvard President Drew Faust called climate change  "a threat to our future."

"Harvard must continue to drive progress related to climate change - sharing what is known, expanding what is known, and acting on what is known," Faust said.

Harvard isn't alone in its effort to be more energy efficient. 

Earlier this week, Middlebury College in Vermont announced it is now carbon neutral after investing in efficiency upgrades, including a $12 million biomass heating facility. 

In April, Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., opened a 'living building' that meets some of the most rigorous environmental design standards, including net-zero waste and water systems. The College is planning to go 100 percent renewable next year.

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