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October 25, 2016

Lord Jeffrey Amherst was the unofficial mascot of Amherst College until last year. (WikiCommons)

Amherst College is searching for a new mascot.

The liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts is looking for a character to replace Lord Jeffrey Amherst. The English general, who in 1763 proposed giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans, got the boot last year following a slew of complaints from students.

Some alumni had opposed abandoning Lord Jeffrey, arguing that he represents tradition and the act of dropping his name was a form of censorship. Some threatened to stop giving to the college.

A 23-member committee announced this week the college is accepting submissions for a new mascot, which will be unveiled at next year's homecoming.

The committee says it received more than 400 submissions in the first day.

Students and staff still have six weeks to get your suggestion in.

For now, Amherst sports teams are being called "purple and white."

NPR: Amherst College Gives Unofficial Mascot ‘Lord Jeff’ The Boot 

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