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June 15, 2015

Students at any one of the University of Massachusetts’ five campuses may have to pay more in tuition next year. The UMass Board of Trustees is recommending an increase of up to 5 percent for in-state undergrads. It would be the first tuition and fee increase in two years.

The increase will mean about $580 more a year for students who are already paying $13,258 in tuition and fees—that’s at UMass Amherst. The price varies slightly depending on which campus a student attends.

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What ultimately happens will depend on how much money the state legislature appropriates to higher education for the coming fiscal year. The state has cut spending per student in higher education by 36 percent over the past six years – a trend that’s normal nationwide. Today, tuition makes up nearly half of all public higher ed revenue, while 25 years ago it was only a quarter.

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But all this talk about tuition and fees got On Campus wondering, where do the dollars go?

Here are some answers.

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