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March 19, 2014

Max Geller, president of Students for Justice in Palestine at Northeastern. (WGBH/Kirk Carapezza)

Northeastern University has suspended its chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, barring it from meeting on campus and stripping it of university funding.

Last spring, Northeastern put the group on administrative probation after it staged a walkout of a presentation by Israeli soldiers.

Northeastern says the group repeatedly disregarded university policies, and President Joseph Aoun has said the school cannot accept discrimination or intolerance.

The group of pro-Palestinian students says the university is stifling its free speech.

The Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU agrees, arguing the university has shown a pattern of discrimination against the group and is preparing to file a lawsuit against Northeastern.

In September, On Campus reported on the free speech debate:


The AP reports more than 100 protesters bearing signs and Palestinian flags rallied at Northeastern to oppose the suspension:

Protesters argue that the university has placed harsher restrictions on Students for Justice in Palestine than other undergraduate groups on campus... Almost 6,000 people signed a petition to reinstate the group.

Greater Boston spoke with Max Geller, law student at Northeastern and a member of Students for Justice in Palestine:

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