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March 14, 2014

It's been planned, it's been written, it's ready to go. But what's the final step in preparing for the implementation of a new test? To test it. Sounds like process, but it's a critical step.

The new federal Common Core standards, designed to layout what each student should know at the end of each grade, are ready for their close up. Over the next several weeks school children across the country will be taking the new tests, but it's not their grades that will matter.

On Friday, Marketplace's Amy Scott reported on the "test of the test."

On Campus has previously looked at how the implementation of the new federal Common Core standards could affect high-performing and low-performing Massachusetts public schools.

Curious what the tests will look like? Try them out yourself. 

Here are two sample questions from 12th grade Math:

Justin's car can travel 77.5 miles with 3 1/10 gallons of gas. Kim's car can travel 99 1/5 miles with 3 1/5 gallons of gas. At these rates, how far can each car travel with 1 gallon of gas? 

A circle has its center at 6,7 and goes through the point 1,4. A second circle is tangent to the first circle at the point 1,4 and has the same area. What are the possible coordinates for the center of the second circle? Show your work or explain how you found your answer.

A couple more from 6th grade reading:

Read the sentences below. Then match the bolded word in each sentence to its closest definition below. 

"I think she could generate enough power to light up a small city."
"She was a 30-pound ball of fur, claws, and teeth with an uncanny ability to jump, dig, and chew."
"Despite the distraction of having four potential playmates in the room, Libby breezed through the first class because we had already taught her to sit, lie down, and recognize her name."

Word choices: brilliant, produce, keen, possible, original and fabulous

A student is writing an explanatory essay for a world language class... 

Read a paragraph from the essay and the directions that follow.

"What is the best way to learn another language? Some people say that only living in a country where the language is spoken really works. However, for them that do not have the time or money to move to a different country there are many other options. Listening to music and watching movies in a different language with subtitles can really help, for example." 

One sentence in the paragraph above contains a grammar usage and punctuation error. Type the incorrect sentence below, correcting the two errors.

Not had your testing fill? You can check out more questions here.

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