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September 20, 2013

Westfield State Trustees were grilled on Friday by state education officials on university president Evan Dobelle's spending.

Outside auditors found Dobelle used school credit cards and donor money for excessive travel costs- including $500 a night hotel rooms and dinner parties for $1,500.

Dobelle has acknowledged he made mistakes, but he said his spending was an investment that brought the school millions of dollars in support.

At the meeting, state officials asked university trustees if they were satisfied with that explanation.

Here's trustee chairman Jack Flynn:

"The incidents we are talking about are clear, they are well-documented, they exist. So, in terms of his decision-making there, he violated the policies. He has demonstrated a level of leadership at the university that can't be denied."

"I think it's a very questionable return on investment," he said.

The board plans to meet next month to discuss Dobelle's future.

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