St. Patrick's Day parade

The Knights of Columbus’ decision not to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year is shameful. The organization’s excuse for pulling out is transparently dishonest.The Knight’s leaders don’t want to march in a parade with gay people, so they accuse these gay people of political divisiveness for wanting to march in a parade, for wanting to be a part of a community. On the bright side, I can now feel a little bit less guilty about having not participated in the K of C in years (I’m a 3rd degree Knight).

Public service motivation reminds that there is more to governmental services than just efficiency. Sometimes government allots resources because it uplifts the community at-large. Right or wrong, watching the Pats parade on TV or knowing the rite-of-springtime St. Patrick’s Day parade is going on is worth it. We must make sure that the resources diverted for the parades come from all Boston’s neighborhoods -- not just less affluent communities. But with this substantial caveat I say, “on with the parade!”  Sometimes government acts best when it acts inefficiently – and making ourselves feel better about this winter is something all of Boston needs.

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