Ronald Reagan

Where's the Trump train going?

Now that he is all but assured the Republican Party nomination, it’s time to take stock. How will GOP nominee Donald Trump shape his party of choice? The early indicators are troubling.

GOP eminence grise Ron Kaufman is no doubt trying to pay homage to Ronald Reagan by following Reagan’s 11th commandment: though shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Bernie Sanders is a socialist, Ronald Reagan is the avatar of free market capitalism. But their presidential announcement speeches share this trait: they both address you, the citizen, with the dignity you deserve.

Meet the next speech, same as the prior speeches. Governor Scott Walker's announcement speech hits the mediocre standards of other 2016 contenders but falls short of Ronald Reagan's 1980 announcement.

There were some good elements in Marco Rubio's announcement speech, but he falls short of the "Gentleman's C" on the Reaganometer.

Cuddled in the amniotic fluid of self-love, Donald Trump announces for president.

When matched up against Ronald Reagan's announcement speech, Jeb Bush barely earns a passing grade.

Ronald Reagan's 1980 announcement speech took voters seriously - it let us know his governing philosophy and where he proposed to lead the nation. So how do the 2016 speeches stack up? Today we'll consider how Hillary Clinton's announcement video rates as we introduce the Reaganometer.

Hillary Clinton's dumbed-down announcement video was an insult to the citizen.For an example of a candidate who took the voters seriously look to Ronald Reagan's 1980 announcement.

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