What kind of president then can be expected? I think we know the answer. Donald Trump has no concern for tradition, previous history, institutionalized decision-making (he depends on himself), international agreements and commitments, or much of anything else that has come to define the sphere of concerns an American president must deal with. He will act as President much as he has in the campaign. He will do things his way. He will depend on what he thinks important or what interests him at the moment, will continue to be unpredictable in how he approaches given situations, will see international relations in terms of trade opportunities, will conduct negotiations on a one-on-one basis and will nurture his financial empire.

Clearly there are problems in all of this.

Third-wave feminists face a dual determination in assessing Secretary Clinton's 2016 candidacy.  First, do they perceive that the American political system is so flawed that the only way to "win” is by sending in one of the elite’s own (HRC) who will inevitably disappoint on policy but nonetheless break barriers? And, second, can HRC convince third-wave feminists that while she is of the second-wave her policy views are not limited to liberal feminism alone.

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