Mitch McConnell

The Senate's selective silencing

Decorum is supposed to matter in the United State Senate. As we learned last night, it is written in the rules.

It's past time for House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to show some political courage and retract their endorsements of Donald Trump. Congressman Seth Moulton and Muhammad Ali can help.

Mitch McConnell, radical progressive

I never took Mitch McConnell for a progressive. But his call to “let the American people” decide the next Justice of the Supreme Court brings to mind one of the most radical proposals of the early progressive movement.

President Barack Obama is following the constitutional process for nominating a Supreme Court justice and the American people want the Senate to hold hearings. The holdup is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's toadying to his party's radical rich.

Conservatives intellectual defense of the Senate refusing to perform its "advice and consent" duty raises the question, which other constitutional provisions did the Founders intend to be operational only in time frames when the Republican Party holds the presidency?

It’s hard not to notice that the national Republican Party is becoming more and more unhinged. A good part of this, I think, is the decimation of the party’s moderate wing. Yes, the GOP once had moderates, and even progressives.

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