Massachusetts legislature

The Voters' Will Up in Smoke

If reports in the Globe and other media outlets are correct, the House of Representatives will release its version of the marijuana legalization bill tomorrow.  And just a day later, the full House is expected to vote on this bill.  The public deserves a chance to see what the House is doing here and to comment on these proposed changes.

The citizens of Massachusetts subsidize and lend support to the two main political parties. It would seem a minimal expectation that, in return, the parties might produce nominees to compete in most legislative elections.

Looking for some information about the General Court?  Need to contact the clerk of the House for information about the business of the chamber?  You’ll have to use the phone as there’s no email information provided—and who uses the phone these days? 

The conflict between Governor Charlie Baker and the legislature over MBTA reform is like a graduate class in political science.

*If* our elected leaders on Beacon Hill want to make a statement on how gaming will be run in Massachusetts then banning ATMs would send a clear and decisive signal.  And, while we are at it, let’s really go big:  no alcohol on the gaming floor as the symbiotic relationship between pathological gambling and alcohol abuse is well documented.  

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