Massachusetts Democratic party

How might national Democrats have learned how to lose working class voters? By closely observing Massachusetts Democrats.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The charter school contest dividing the Democratic Party is about a whole lot more than privatizing more schools. It's a fight involving equality, markets, unions, wealth, and partisan politics. So far it's a great set-up for Governor Charlie Baker and the Republicans.

Carmen Ortiz and the Democrats

When should we call into question the pursuit of an expansive and powerful federal government? If you’re a Massachusetts Democrat, the answer this week seems to be, “when our friends are the targets.”

Seven special elections introduced seven new white males to the State House. When it comes to representation the answer to the question, Are We Not a Little White for That Kind of Thing? appears to be a resounding No!

Thomas Frank does an amateurish job bashing the Massachusetts Democrats. Could he be right anyway?

Here's a little surprise. In recent special election primaries it has been the Massachusetts Republicans, not the Democrats, who have been nominating diverse candidates.

It is tempting to blame certain Democrats for not acting like an opposition party vis-à-vis Republican Governor Charlie Baker. 

We should temper ourselves.  There are constitutionally ordained reasons for the lack of a true opposition party in Massachusetts. 

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