Mass. Governor 2014

The existing “rules of the game” advantage existing party structures – especially the Democrats given the make-up of Beacon Hill and our Congressional delegation.  So what incentive do they have to make the change to election law – same day registration – that has the most potential to change turnout and the face of turnout in Massachusetts?

The problem [of economic inequality] is particularly worrisome in Massachusetts, which is one of the most unequal American states. Deep poverty in parts of Boston like Mattapan and in old mill cities is matched by amazing affluence in places like Cambridge, the Back Bay, and Weston.  ...This is the conversation we need to hear on the campaign trail this fall.

Last week’s release of the ad entitled “vulnerable” by the Commonwealth Future Political Action Committee supporting Charlie Baker is low-down dirty politics. At root, the ad suggests Martha Coakley facilitated child abuse in the Commonwealth via administrative support for the Department of Children and Families. The grey tones and sad playground visuals are all intended to leave voters thinking: Coakley does not stick up for kids. She made it easier for children to experience neglect and abuse. Stating the not so subliminal message makes evident how absurd the ad is. It’s rough. It’s ugly.

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