elite theory

The most popular question after all of this has been: will Elizabeth Warren run for President?  For me, the more telling question is: will she influence the political parties?  And there the answer turns on these broad theories of democracy.  To the degree that elite theory remains inevitable, her influence will always be checked by the fact she is a rarity among Democrats and Republicans who are nearly equal in indebtedness to elite economic interests.  Remember:  the bill passed with ease even as both sides said they did not like the provision – a provision they added and could just as equally strip.   Alternatively, if pluralism stands a chance, grassroots organizing that calls out the culpability of Democratic and Republican elected officials in these actions is necessary to help Warren permanently alter the parties.

We talk about bipartisanship a lot in government.  On economic matters we have it – it just isn’t in the interest of regular folks. The divide worth naming is economic elites and their elected lackeys vs the rest of us.  Who are, incidentally, the majority. 

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