Election 2016

Where's the Trump train going?

Now that he is all but assured the Republican Party nomination, it’s time to take stock. How will GOP nominee Donald Trump shape his party of choice? The early indicators are troubling.

Chris Christie and Charlie Baker face very similar political circumstances – Republican Governors in deeply blue Northeastern states.  Mitt Romney strongly considered Christie for his presidential ticket.  But when all three had to decide on a Donald Trump Presidency, at one of the last junctures where he can be derailed from the GOP nomination, only the Massachusetts men said “no.”  If Trump wins, Christie is culpable.  Governors Baker and Romney decided quite differently.

So, yes, the GOP needs more Baker and more Romney.  It needs more Massachusetts and far less Jersey. 

Iowa is unrepresentative of the United States and Iowa caucus goers are even more divorced from the American populace.  And that’s exactly why Iowa is actually representative of our unrepresentative American electoral politics.  Iowa is the American election process on speed -- if speed was made from ethanol.

In the annals of intra party debates, it is hard to fine one completely owned by a single candidate.  That alone makes Hillary Clinton’s total dominance last night historic.

What happened to the vice presidency?

If Joe Biden decides to forgo a presidential bid, he’ll be something of an anomaly.

Meet the next speech, same as the prior speeches. Governor Scott Walker's announcement speech hits the mediocre standards of other 2016 contenders but falls short of Ronald Reagan's 1980 announcement.

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