Deval Patrick

National political discourse suggests the Baker v. Patrick comparison features two opposing views on government:  too often the problem according to Republicans and regularly the solution for Democrats.  This narrative does not apply to Charlie Baker as both he and Deval Patrick see vital, necessary roles for government.   I submit that a comparison of Charlie Baker’s inaugural speech yesterday and Deval Patrick’s  final State of the Commonwealth address last January make their respective takes on the role government should play, and their conceptualization of Massachusetts residents, clear.   

When Deval Patrick takes the lone walk Massachusetts will say farewell to the rare American politician who speaks the language of Biblical morality.

This past spring, I put together a hierarchy of Massachusetts political endorsements.  As we approach election day, I am republishing with some updates.  One big caveat; No one endorsement is a game changer.  Elizabeth Warren couldn’t save John Tierney, Michael Dukakis couldn’t boost Mike Lake, and Mitt Romney couldn’t bring more Republicans into the Legislature in 2004.  Candidates and conditions (statewide and national) matter.

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