Charlie Baker was ill served by his staff in the latest contretemps at his Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - not just by the low level knuckleheads who threatened the fiancee of a Democratic senate candidate, but by his closest advisers in the executive suite. Fortunately a classic work of political science advice can help the governor.

Whether it is a takeover of the Republican State Committee or pushing charter schools, Governor Charlie Baker's political and policy fights in 2016 are being fueled by dark money.

Massachusetts elected Governor Wonk and got Governor Empathy thrown in.

Press and punditry have bestowed their first year grades and Charlie Baker is on the Honor Roll. But perhaps we should pause in our praise of the governor and take some time to congratulate ourselves.

Even though plenty of factors that impact his success are out of Governor Charlie Baker's control, being governor is still the best job in politics.

What kind of warrants – the legitimacy to bring change – does Charlie Baker have as he takes the oath of office?

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