Abraham Lincoln

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A quick and simple deal to prevent the Civil War? Deals were discussed but failed to prevent war, a fact unknown to our mis-historian in chief.

Wikipedia: by Nicholas Shepherd, 1846

Even the most ardent Liberals have Trump voters in their family or among their friends. Some commentators advise we seek to understand them, others that we condemn them. What's a conscientious Liberal to  do? Advice from Abraham Lincoln.

The job of a president as communicator in chief is to remind us of the "better angels of our nature." Last night's debate called us not to our aspirations but to our fears. Disregard today's "winner and loser" columns; there were only losers.

We've replaced mob rule with the heavily armed gunman, but America has seen this before. In his Perpetuation Speech of 1838, Abraham Lincoln addressed deteriorating faith in government and the rise of the demagogue.

Scott Walker isn’t the only politician whose religious beliefs have brought political problems. Abraham Lincoln had similar difficulties.

Two recent columns in the New York Times and the Boston Globe argue the application of the “separation of church and state.” The loss incurred in a pure separation would be the betrayal of a wisdom Abraham Lincoln made central to our heritage.

In a brief address to the fighting men of the 166th Ohio regiment, President Abraham Lincoln poetically expressed the great cause for which they fought.

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