2014 Massachusetts Governor's Race

There is much to admire in the skill of David Axelrod.  But on the issue of Martha Coakley and the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, the Axe misses the mark.

The national media “covering” the Massachusetts gubernatorial election have a narrative and they are sticking to it.  Never mind that it is both lazy and unoriginal.

Evan Falchuk is not going to be elected Governor in November.  But that was never his goal and not a sufficient reason to ignore him or disinvite him from televised political forums.

Charlie Baker needs this election to boil down to a personal choice; that is to say a choice between two people, not two policy agendas or governing philosophies. This tricky but necessary tact for Bay State Republicans requires very careful attention to good behavior on the campaign trail. When Baker committed the "sweetheart" gaffe it was a relatively containable slip, but a slip nonetheless. The latest SuperPAC attack ad on Martha Coakley, however, is a bit more complicated.

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