May 18, 2017

The level of corruption, confusion, and incompetence on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue right now is truly unprecedented. The GOP Establishment’s decision to accept Donald Trump as their party’s standard bearer is looking worse and worse by the minute. But, to be fair, no one thought he would actually win the presidency. How could Mitch McConnell and company have known that Trump would get so much help from the Russians and the far left? Now we have the dumbest, most dishonest president in history and a Congress held hostage by right wing extremists. 

American politics is presently at the mercy of two kinds of people: the ignorant and the ideologues. In other words, the folks least capable of and least willing to engaging in evidence-based, reasonable deliberation are running the show. Ideologues on the far right and left, fueled by irrational hatred of “politics-as-usual,” are obsessively and narrow mindedly focused on their utopian policy dreams while average, low information voters are dazed and confused, clinging to their political, social, and cultural prejudices like life preservers.

Something’s gotta give.

Trump, Tea Party

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