July 20, 2016

Despite a political career now in shambles, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey made it clear last night that he still delights in the role of attack dog.

It’s a telling symbol of the Republican Party under the spell of Trump.

The Republicans have decided that routinely calling for Clinton to be thrown in jail is a wise tactic for expanding their base this fall.

One might expect the party of Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, and, more recently, Dennis Hastert, to be a tad bit more circumspect on using a national platform to call for a leading Democrat to be thrown in jail.

Of course, the temptation to point out flaws in the character of your opponent is just too great. But consider that Chris Christie doing so on behalf of Donald Trump might leave the average American wondering if they’re watching a convention or a farce.

Sixty-four percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of the job that Chris Christie is doing in their state.

He is an ethically compromised Governor whose citizens hold him in little regard and he’s the choice to make a prosecutorial case in front of a party convention.

As Trump himself might say, "sad."

And yet it’s also perfect. This convention has been the B team for the Republican Party. Trump cannot call on the most popular Republicans in the land—Governors Charlie Baker or Larry Hogan—because they have wisely kept themselves far from the crazy in Cleveland.

He can’t call on former nominees to make his case because, with the notable exception of Bob Dole, they too aren’t in Cleveland.

Up and coming conservative leaders like Ben Sasse or Mia Love? Nope and nope.

This is a the Rump Parliament of Conventions, purged of its leading thinkers, national statesmen, and rising stars.

And in that kind of Convention, what you get is a Chris Christie.

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