March 14, 2015

The Knights of Columbus’ decision not to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this year is shameful. The organization’s excuse for pulling out is transparently dishonest.The Knight’s leaders don’t want to march in a parade with gay people, so they accuse these gay people of political divisiveness for wanting to march in a parade, for wanting to be a part of a community.  On the bright side, I can now feel a little bit less guilty about having not participated in the K of C in years (I’m a 3rd degree Knight).

First, let’s look at their excuse.Why exactly should politics impact the Knights decision to march in a parade that they have marched in for many years? If political divisiveness is a sin with which they didn’t want to be associated, then by backing out with this excuse they have committed the very sin they sought to avoid.

I wish I was at the meeting where this foolish, petty, and indeed sinful decision was made. I wonder if anyone asked the decision makers what Jesus Christ would recommend. Even a lapsed Catholic like me knows what JC would have advised were he present at such a conclave.

Many people think that the Church is losing members and influence because it is stubbornly refusing to lighten up or water down the faith. In this case, the Knights have shamed the Church by NOT remaining true, for not stubbornly adhering to the Church’s teachings. By letting their sinful pride and petty prejudices blind them to the word of God, the Knights have contributed to the decline of the faith in practice.

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