January 04, 2015

While the likes of Rudy and Rush try to scare white people into supporting conservative pols or policies, others go about their race baiting differently. Jeff Jacoby’s latest column is an excellent example of such a different approach. He isn’t scaring his target audience; he is justifying racial resentments by patting them on the back and assuring them that critical introspection on race in America is entirely unnecessary. Jacoby props up racism by declaring that racism (which he refers to tellingly as “white racism”) has disappeared as a potent political weapon.

Jacoby loves to use false equivalence to prop up his faith-based ideological beliefs and in his latest effort he not so subtlety equates liberal civil rights advocacy with “white racism.” Get it?Jacoby wants his readers to believe that there is white and black racism and that both are equally unsavory.Jacoby establishes this morally and intellectually bankrupt premise by lavishing phony praise on President Obama for not giving in to the temptation to “play the race card” in a recent interview. He says the President heeded “the better angels of his nature” by choosing not to “stoke racial resentments.” For Jacoby, the President’s rhetorical choices in a single interview constitute evidence that racist politics are gone, while actual evidence that racism is alive and well is simply mocked as “data points” raised by a liberal reporter in an effort to “bait” the President.Often when faced with evidence he cannot refute Jacoby relies on simple mockery, which he must assume is sufficiently probative for his readers.

Jacoby is confident that race baiting is dead because white people voted for Obama and Voter-ID laws did not reduce minority voter turnout. The latter is also irrefutable evidence for Jacoby that voter ID laws have not been motivated by the desire to reduce minority turnout, which makes you wonder if Jacoby declared headache medication ineffective when his pain remained 30 seconds after downing his first Tylenol.

It’s time for the Globe to send Jeff Jacoby back to the Herald where he belongs.There simply must be a conservative columnist available with more intelligence and integrity than Mr. Jacoby.

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