December 05, 2014

Massachusetts Senate Republicans want Governor Patrick to fire Jonathan Gruber from the Health Connector Board because he said voters were stupid, which they argue, will only perpetuate distrust in government. They also want him gone because he is an advocate “for an ideology founded in deceit” that “should have no place in our government.” Since the majority of Massachusetts voters (not to mention Massachusetts state senators) subscribe to this ideology, it seems clear that these Senate Republicans aren’t any more impressed with the intelligence of voters than is Gruber.

For Republican state senators to ask for Gruber’s removal from this board is fair enough. The claim that his comments would perpetuate distrust in government might even be reasonable, but by slipping in this bit of Tea Party pablum about liberalism these Senate Republicans have reminded us why they are an irrelevant minority that is not ready for primetime. While complaining about Gruber’s insult of American voters, the signatories to this letter, Senators Tarr, Hedlund, Ross, and Humason, have managed to insult the clear majority of Massachusetts voters, and the clear majority of their fellow legislators.

I’m guessing that Charlie Baker (the first Republican governor to give a damn about state party building in a very long time) is hoping that this isn’t a sign of things to come from his fellow Republicans at the State House.

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