Tom Vanderbilt

The Mona Lisa and Kim Kardashian have something in common, and it’s more than just a bewitching smile. Robert Frank, economics professor at Cornell University, says the secret ingredient to success isn’t just hard work and talent.

What’s your favorite color? If the answer is "blue," it’s a bit uninspired. But don’t worry, everyone else says the same thing. We explain why.

Still freaking out about running into your high school teacher in Paris? Turns out, coincidences are more likely than you might think. Joseph Mazur uses math to explain why, but insists that your coincidence story is still “magical.”

You like blue, burritos, and Belle & Sebastian… but why? Journalist Tom Vanderbilt explains the science behind our taste. Read more...

We'll talk about the secrets behind creativity. We'll take a look at Mechanical Turk. And you'll find out why radiation isn't as scary as you thought. Read more... 

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