Science Fiction

The Walking Dead. The Hunger Games. The Handmaid’s Tale. Why is so much of our most popular science-fiction bleak and depressing? Read More...

Is it a completely good thing when a billionaire gives away their money? David Callahan walks us through the new world of philanthropy.

Why does so much of our most popular science-fiction feature bleak, depressing futures? We talk to a science-fiction writer to find out.

Our tax system is inefficient, unfair, and infuriating. TR Reid tells us how to fix it.

Science fiction Star Trek paintings. Credit: James Vaughan / Flickr Creative Commons

The gizmos we gawk at in Star Trek and Blade Runner still seem light-years away. But the rapid growth in computing power may have put us on a fast track. Science journalist Steven Kotler tells us why it’s time to start saving up for that flying car. Read More...

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