Rosalind Picard

1. Online retailers might charge you a few dollars more for those pants, if they think you can afford it. Dan Mongan, co-author of "All You Can Pay," explains that companies are increasingly using our data to tailor prices. 

2. The idea that you could forecast the weather came about at the same time as another controversial theory: evolution. Author Peter Moore tells the tale of the men who dared to predict storms, and their connection to Charles Darwin.

3. Laptops of the future will know that you're stressed. Rosalind Picard of MIT has been working to make smarter computers that anticipate our needs, and she says that future is closer than you think.

In science-fiction, you’ll encounter a lot of computers that can feel... HAL 9000, Deckard, WALL-E. But what about computers that can really sense your emotions? MIT Professor Rosalind Picard takes a look at this artificial-feeling future. Read More...

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