Roberta Ness

Three things you need to realize:

1. Cricket cookies are coming to a cupboard near you. Beyond Meat’s Ethan Brown and Bitty Food’s Megan Miller give us a taste of what you’ll be chomping on in twenty years.

2. Having a good hair day could make you feel richer. Stanford’s Peter Belmi explains the link between attractiveness and the social order.

3. Scientists in America would love to pursue revolutionary research, if it meant they wouldn't be cut off from future funding. Professor Roberta Ness argues that bad incentives in the scientific community are preventing us from solving the big problems of cancer, climate change, and more.

Is science in a rut? Professor Roberta Ness thinks so, and she wants institutions and the government to start funding more risky, out-there projects. Read More...

Are we facing a lack of imagination? We speak to Dr. Roberta Ness, author of “Genius Unmasked” and “Innovation Generation,” about the creativity of geniuses. Read more...

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