Robert Frank

Money can’t buy happiness. Or can it? This week on Innovation Hub, we’ve got stories about money, love, and the lengths people will go to for both. Read More...

That quick glance at Facebook… it’s kind of a big deal. Professor Cal Newport says it can significantly derail your train of thought for about 10 minutes.

Immigration may be a contentious issue in this election… but immigrants are absolutely essential to our economic success. Cabinet member Maria Contreras-Sweet explains.

Some people want to be happy at their job… and some people just want a bunch of money. Economist Robert Frank talks love, money, and happiness.

How do money and happiness intersect when it comes to finding a job? Economist Robert Frank thinks he might have the answer. Read more....

The Mona Lisa and Kim Kardashian have something in common, and it’s more than just a bewitching smile. Robert Frank, economics professor at Cornell University, says the secret ingredient to success isn’t just hard work and talent.

What’s your favorite color? If the answer is "blue," it’s a bit uninspired. But don’t worry, everyone else says the same thing. We explain why.

Still freaking out about running into your high school teacher in Paris? Turns out, coincidences are more likely than you might think. Joseph Mazur uses math to explain why, but insists that your coincidence story is still “magical.”

Yes, you earned that big promotion, but you also had help. Robert Frank of Cornell thinks we tend to underestimate the role luck plays in our lives. Read more...

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