richard thaler

1. More people would turn in their taxes if the government went ahead and filled out the forms for them. Richard Thaler, a behavioral economist, tells us the counterintuitive things he’s learned by studying our deeply irrational behavior. 

2. A militia in Iraq built a machine-gunning ground drone that they can control with a tablet. Former Air Force pilot Missy Cummings and author Peter Singer discuss the future of war and robotic conflict. 

3. There’s a way to see if the grass really is greener on the other side of the cubicle, without your boss ever finding out. Tom Leung, CEO of Poachable, explains the rise of the anonymous job hunt.

Ever wondered why you kept throwing good money after bad at the poker table? Or why people buy cars with super-high interest rates? Richard Thaler, a founding father of behavioral economics, takes us through the "logic" behind bad decisions, and the surprising ways our irrationality changes the entire economy. Read More...

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