In one of the latest installments of NOVA's "Making Stuff" series, host David Pogue went on a test-drive that was a little out of the ordinary: it didn't involve an actual driver. That's because he was taking a spin in Shelly, a self-driving racecar developed at Stanford which can navigate twists and turns at breakneck speed all on its own.

What was the last television show your friends, family, or coworkers were buzzing about? Chances are, it wasn't on regular cable television. Brian Stelter, media reporter at the New York Times and author of Top of the Morning, says innovations in television programming and delivery may soon pull the plug on cable as we know it. If you've ever recoiled in horror at the sight of a hefty cable bill, you're not alone - and you may have other options. Companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have introduced devices that stream content directly from the Internet to your television, bypassing cable altogether. "They're putting Trojan horses in our living rooms," says Stelter, who says such devices could cut in on cable's sizable audience.

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