1. One of the most valuable assets in any city isn’t the infrastructure or the government or the geography… it's the universities. That’s according to Richard Florida, who explains why cities without great colleges might be in trouble.

2. The exploitation of 19th century factory workers… led directly to some of the best museums in the country. Professor Edward Muller looks at how the the “robber barons” are still changing all our lives.

3. Mr. Rogers' entire philosophy was shaped by a pie fight he saw on TV. We'll explore the lasting legacy of the nicest man on television.

Products of 3D printing.

Long gone are the steel town days. We head to the city of Pittsburgh to take a look at the burgeoning innovation economy. Read More...

Brain scanner

The brain is mind-bogglingly complex – so complex that no one area of science can encompass it. That’s why researchers from different disciplines at Carnegie Mellon are teaming up to unravel the mysteries of the body's most complicated organ. Read More...

Pittsburgh in the morning.

Pittsburgh was built on steel, but now it’s building robots. We talk with author Richard Florida about how cities like Pittsburgh can attract the “creative class” leading the tech revolution. Read More...

A Pittsburgh steel factory in the early 20th century

The Pittsburgh of the 1800s was a dirty, depressing, and dispiriting place. Professor Edward Muller explains how the smog-choked factories actually helped make the city a more livable place today. Read More...

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