moira weigel

Dating in the digital age equates to a slew of websites and apps that all purport to offer paths to love. But, while we may have more ways to find that special someone than ever before, actually forging those bonds isn’t quite as easy as swiping right. Read more....

Tinder might be tough, but getting together in 1896 was even tougher. Turns out, early dinner dates got mistaken for prostitution. Author Moira Weigel tells us about the invention of dating.

It’s easy to find a date online, but have you ever tried to find a friend? We take a journey into the world of online friending (i.e. we go on a date).

The internet isn’t just important to our economy and our social lives… it’s also a work of art. Virginia Heffernan explains the magic of the internet.

Is  dating dead? Moira Weigel explains how courtship has changed over the years and where it is today. Read more....

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