Maria Konnikova

Con men - and women - have been around for as long as we’ve been around. So why do we keep falling for their tricks? Maria Konnikova explains the science of the swindle.

There’s no international law on time zones or daylight savings. And the result? Chaos. But Steve Hanke has a simple solution: universal time.

Flint, Michigan, was just the beginning. Marc Edwards says that our country is relying on a network of very old pipes, many of them lined with lead.

Should you respond to that suspiciously attractive suitor on OkCupid? Should you invest your money in a “too good to be true” land deal? Before you trust anyone, listen to Maria Konnikova talk about the history and psychology of cons. Read more....


We’ve all heard Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” advice, but are we tipping too far? Writer Maria Konnikova explains why Sandberg’s prescription for success may overlook the science. Read More...

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