Larry Summers

Three things you should learn:

1. Abraham Lincoln should get credit for the transcontinental railroad. Former Treasury Secretary and Harvard professor Larry Summers makes the case for why government needs to support innovation today. Plus, he looks back ten years to the firestorm surrounding his comments about women in science. 

2. If the cloud were a country, it would consume more energy than Japan. Author Andrew Winston tells us why an eco-friendly revolution might not come from Silicon Valley. 

3. One of the most revolutionary inventions in the history of the world was... the camel. William Bernstein talks about the surprising evolution of trade, and how it’s changed everything from math to guns.

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers gives a candid conversation about why we aren’t funding science the way we need to, what’s wrong with our education system, and how his views on women in tech have changed since those controversial comments ten years ago. Read More...

Ten years ago, Larry Summers made some remarks on the lack of women in math and science – and it created an uproar. Author and professor Eileen Pollack was so outraged, she began to research for answers. Read More...

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