Kentaro Toyama

children crossing

We  dive deep into how technology is affecting our kids. This week on Innovation Hub: growing up in the digital age. Read more....

Children at play

Being bored is actually good for kids. At least, according to UVA’s Daniel Willingham. Finally, parents everywhere are vindicated.

Looking to raise independent children? Paula Fass, Professor Emerita at UC Berkeley, suggests the good ‘ole Ulysses S. Grant treatment.

Put down that worksheet and put on that dashiki! Ian Bremmer thinks it’s time to start learning cultures, not languages.

Computer lab

Kentaro Toyama used to believe that technology could fix the world’s problems. Then he was forced to reconsider. Read more....

Older man reads a newspaper, a young man reads a tablet.

From cyber crime to nature's best algorithm, we're taking a look about how something old can surprise us in new ways. Read more...

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